Board of Directors and Committees

Officers and Directors

Headshot of Sam MerendaPresident
SAM MERENDA, Graphics 2 Press
Headshot of Darren BoothVice President
DARREN BOOTH, Lubrication Engineers, Inc.
Headshot of Jeremy HenrySecretary/Treasurer
JEREMY HENRY, BG Products, Inc
Headshot of Kevin WhiteheadAssistant Treasurer
KEVIN WHITEHEAD, Plastipak Packaging, Inc.
Headshot of Elizabeth WaggPast President
ELIZABETH WAGG, Biederman Enterprises Ltd.

Headshot of Carolyn BoomsDirector
CAROLYN BOOMS, Chrysan Industries, Inc.
Headshot of Stephen EstokDirector
Stephen Estok, Warren Oil Company, LLC
Headshot of Marcia McCulloughDirector
MARCIA MCCULLOUGH, Sonoco Products Company
Headshot of Tony SwederskyDirector
Tony Swedersky, E-Pak Machinery, Inc., Change Parts, Oden
Headshot of IRIS THOMASDirector
IRIS THOMAS, CDF Corporation
Headshot of LANE WINDHAMDirector
LANE WINDHAM, Shell Oil Products



Committees Coordinator

  • Lane Windham, Shell Oil Products

International Committee

  • Chair: Christian Musiol, Bericap GMBH & Co. KG
  • Co-Chair: Tatiana Smoleeva, Mauser USA LLC
  • Bill Paddison, Multi-Color Corporation

Packaging-Containers and Components

  • Chair: Wayne Wyngaard, OEC Graphics, Inc.
  • Co-Chair: Will Hamilton, South Atlantic Services
  • Steve Banko, Inhance Technologies
  • Tom Bishop, Letica Corporation
  • Teresa Eury, Polymer Packaging, Inc.
  • Megan Matchett, Lubes ‘N’ Greases Magazine
  • Ed Stakem, Miller Wood Products, Inc.
  • David Vogelgesang, Polymer Packaging, Inc.
  • Joanie Ziegler, Gamse Lithographing Co.

Plant Operations (Blending, Packaging, Automation)

  • Chair: Lorne Sparks, Change Parts, Inc.
  • Co-Chair: Open
  • Cory Howard, Phillips 66
  • Scott Howland, Graham Engineering Corp.
  • Steve Langley, Pigging Solutions
  • Jayna Mull, ZXP Technologies
  • Ron Sarto, Change Parts, Inc.
  • Joe Schemenauer, Inline Filling Systems

Health, Safety & Environment

  • Chair: Chris Kabana, Gold Eagle Company
  • Co-Chair: Cory Howard, Phillips 66
  • Grif Carnes, Third Coast Terminals
  • Mike Profetto, Gold Eagle Company

Supply Chain Management (Warehouse, Shipping and Receiving)

  • Chair: Curtis Young, Omni Specialty Packaging, Inc.
  • Co-Chair: Ziggy Garcia, Inevitable Solutions, LLC
  • Nicole Anthony, Smitty’s Supply
  • Brian Ayers, Flexcon
  • Ernie Southers, Chemtool, Inc.
  • Tom Valentine, Valentine Solutions LLC

Non-Technical Committees

Long Range Planning

  • Chair: Andy Rapp, WS Packaging Group
  • Liaison to the BOD: John Whittenhall, Stronghaven Group
  • At-Large: Matthew Miller, Miller Wood Products, Inc.
  • At-Large: Ziggy Garcia, Inevitable Solutions, LLC
  • Grif Carnes, Third Coast Terminals
  • Jim Gillis, CDF Corp.
  • Chris Kabana, Gold Eagle Company
  • Ron Keever, Greif Packaging, LLC
  • Al Luther, Custom Printed Products
  • Jayna Mull, ZXP Technologies
  • Christian Musiol, Bericap GMBH & Co. KG
  • Mike Profetto, Gold Eagle Co.
  • Ross Quantz, Pure Pet
  • Steve Ruble, Valvoline
  • Ron Sarto, Change Parts, E-Pak, Oden
  • Wayne Wyngaard, OEC Graphics
  • Curtis Young, Omni Specialty Packaging Inc.

Next Generation

  • Chair: Jim Gillis, CDF Corporation
  • Co-Chair: Dave Carroll, Oden Machinery, Inc.
  • Liaison to Board of Directors: Jeremy Henry, BG Products, Inc.
  • Joe Beeton, Lubes 'N' Greases Magazine
  • Justin Collett , PLZ Aeroscience Sprayway
  • Megan Matchett, Lubes 'N' Greases Magazine
  • Lorne Sparks, Change Parts, Inc.


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