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Industrial Steel Drum Institute, American National Standards Institute Release New Material Handling Standard

The Industrial Steel Drum Institute (ISDI), a trade association representing manufacturers of steel drum containers in North America, and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), a nonprofit membership organization that administers and coordinates the U.S. private sector voluntary standardization system, released the newly issued ANSI MH2 – 2018 Standard.

The standard was developed by the ANSI consensus body to identify dimensional characteristics for free-standing steel drums and pails, particularly those used in domestic and export shipments. The 2018 standard is an updated version of the 2004 standard for steel drums and pails. The standard includes a glossary with definitions of terms related to the manufacture of steel drums and pails.

“Since our establishment as an association 75 years ago, our members have been manufacturing steel drums and participating in standard setting activities with various organizations such as ANSI,” said Kyle Stavig, chairman of ISDI and CEO of Myers Container LLC, General Steel Drum LLC, Container Management Services LLC, and North Coast Container LLC. “This standard is primarily a dimensional standard for the manufacture of free-standing steel drums and pails having capacities from 5 to 58 gallons. The dimensions for sizes and types most commonly used in domestic and export shipments are included in this standard as well as key construction elements.”

The ANSI MH2 – 2018 Standard is now available for purchase on ANSI’s website at or by clicking here.

Liqui-Box Earns Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 3 Certification at Facility in Ashland, Ohio

Leading global provider of flexible liquid packaging solutions, Liqui-Box Corporation earned a Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 3 Certification at its manufacturing facility in Ashland, Ohio, for the ninth consecutive year. The facility again received the highest level of certification, signaling peak food safety compliance.

Liqui-Box's other manufacturing facilities in Sacramento, Calif., Upper Sandusky, Ohio, and Lake Wales, Fla., also are certified SQF Level 3.

The company's state-of-the art facility in Ashland produces bag-in-box flexible packaging for the food, beverage, dairy and non-food industries, and houses a Global Technical Center for materials research and development.

Food processing stakeholders recognize the SQF certification program as the industry-standard measurement of food safety and quality. The program's prestigiousness lends a higher degree of trust and acceptance in the global marketplace to products that are certified.

"A commitment to excellence is the hallmark of our corporate culture," said Ken Swanson, CEO of Liqui-Box. "With this achievement, our customers can be assured we have the end-to-end system in place to protect and preserve food products on the way to their final destination, even those with limited shelf life and delicate biology. We can deliver on all fronts."

SQF Level 3 Certification goes beyond food safety fundamentals by encompassing not just risk assessment and plan implementation, but preventative action that guards against poor quality or contamination. It is the highest bar set by the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI), the organization responsible for writing and maintaining the certification program.

About Liqui-Box
At Liqui-Box, we're committed to being the packaging provider from which all good things flow: lower carbon footprints, faster speed-to-market, seamless production, better ideas and most important of all – impenetrable partnerships. By shaping our solutions around customer and sustainability challenges, we're able to deliver at every level.

Our ingenious liquid packaging outsmarts conventional methods by giving brands a bag that's tough enough to withstand harsh shipping conditions; is compact enough to shrink the number of trucks on the road; is made of significantly less plastic than its rigid counterparts; and still dispenses perfectly into that milkshake maker or washing machine.

Liqui-Box was founded in 1961 and operates globally. Stamford, Connecticut-based private equity firm Olympus Partners holds Liqui-Box among its portfolio of middle-market packaging and other businesses. More at

Institute of Packaging Professionals Announces 2019 AmeriStar Award Winners

Twenty-seven winners have been selected as recipients of a coveted 2019 AmeriStar Award, a prestigious design award for the packaging industy, produced by IoPP, The Institute of Packaging Professionals.

A roster of 12 judges from various segments of the packaging industry evaluated this year’s entries in person, examining package innovation, product protection, economics, performance, marketing and environmental impact.

Judges considered more than 50 package entries across 17 categories for both professional and student awards, as well as AmeriStar’s prestigious top three awards. The top three AmeriStar awards include the Sustainable Package Award, the Design Excellence Award and the Best of Show Award.

The 2019 top three winners are:

Best of Show Award
Clinique iD by Estée Lauder Companies is a unique dual pump package that delivers lotion and concentrated serum in one push of the actuator. The consumer gets the choice of buying multiple lotion types and combining them with serum cartridges to address specific skin needs.

Design Excellence Award
O-I: EXPRESSIONS by O-I was developed for design agencies, packaging professionals and food & beverage marketers who want to stand out and offer their consumers new reasons to love and choose their brand, O-I: EXPRESSIONS enables late-stage design, combining the integral benefits and heritage of glass with an agile, marketing-focused capability.

Sustainable Packaging Award
Krylon® Industrial Quik-Tap™ Aerosol by Sherwin-Williams is one of the first aerosol paint package to separate the valve and actuator from the can. After use, the reusable device creates an empty, non-pressurized aerosol can that allows for easy recycling.

AmeriStar Award winners by category:

Beverages (Alcoholic)
Heaven’s Door Whiskey by Berlin Packaging is a small-batch collection of handcrafted American whiskeys developed in partnership with Bob Dylan. The custom rounded-shoulder bottle features Dylan’s distinctive iron gates created at his Black Buffalo Ironworks Studio from objects found on farms and scrapyards across America.

Drug and Pharmaceutical
An elegant child-resistant packaging solution by Duallok was developed to provide the most beautiful, user friendly and compliant package for high-end controlled substances. The patented double-lock design, certified under the 16 CFR 1700 guidelines for child resistance, keeps kids safe and brands compliant.

Target Simply Balanced Vitamins by TricorBraun was developed because Target Stores decided it was time to enter the upscale nutraceutical market with Simply Balanced™ vitamins in premium packaging. The design is a three-piece solution that attracts consumers with different shapes, colors and color combinations in fully recyclable materials. The bottle features a differentiating oblong shape and wider mouth for easier dispensing, as well as a half-turn, push-and-turn, child-resistant closure to improve safety.

Xbox Adaptive Controller by Microsoft was packaged to create an empowering unboxing experience for anyone who would be gaming with the controller. When designing, Microsoft worked directly with gamers who have limited mobility to understand how to make the unboxing as easy as possible. This package features improvements such as loops acting as a lever to assist in component removal and multiple product access points.

Food (Shelf Stable)
Joyböl Smoothie Bowl by Plastic Ingenuity Inc. creates a unique food category in the grab-and-go market. The innovation is centered around creating an all-in-one, highly-portable, shelf-stable smoothie bowl for health-conscientious millennials on the go, resulting in one of the world's first all-in-one smoothie bowl package.

Food (Refrigerated)
Roll Over-Wrap Tray by Clearly Clean Products, LLC is one of the world’s only patented, 100 percent recyclable, smooth-edge PET overwrap food tray. It’s produced in multiple colors (including clear) and is available with or without pads. It’s utilized for meat, poultry, seafood and produce – and customized for the customer.

Health and Beauty Aids
Korrvu® Inserts for Fragrance Packaging by Sealed Air can be formed over a range of products, creating a versatile and dynamic option to replace traditional vacuum-formed molds. This curbside recyclable packaging solution meets the growing e-commerce demand for sustainable product protection while maintaining a luxurious, high-end look.

L’Oréal Paris Elvive Rapid Reviver by Viva IML Tubes utilizes Viva’s state-of-the art label graphics with true, full-coverage, eye-catching, metallic accents and a parabolic ‘iconic crimp’. The tube itself has a positive sustainability theme with low-emission lifecycle and a fully recyclable total package.

Household Products
PACLOCK Bi-Fold Custom Retail Package by Placon. This bi-fold clamshell package for Pacific Lock Co. provides consumers the ability to touch the product without risk of theft prior to purchase. The open-and-fold back panel design gives the package significantly more marketing and graphics space. The package enables consumers to open and close the back panel to read and better understand the product.

Drinkworks Home Bar Packaging by Drinkworks is easy to lift, carry, un-box and recycle. Lifting and carrying can be accomplished via a top handle and/or 2 x side-panel hand-holds, Unboxing is achieved by releasing two patented side locks and lifting off the box top. This package fulfills the objective of reducing the time and number of steps to un-box the product and minimize awkward lifting of the small appliance.

Advanced Polymer Activation System by Ecolab is a patented automated solution for dispensing powders in wastewater treatment applications. The unit and packaging reduce total cost of operation and improve workplace safety and hygiene by increasing polymer activation with dust-free packaging and dispensing.

Medical Device
ORTHOFIX Medical Tray by Placon – taking design and innovation to the next level with leading sustainability focus on stock and custom retail, food and medical packaging. This custom tray keeps the medical screw suspended to prevent HA coating damage.

Yankee Candle Holiday Gifting Pack by Newell Brands is a seasonal gift set designed to enable frictionless gifting. Premium decorative packaging was designed to attract consumer attention while offering secondary surprises to the recipient throughout a layered opening experience.

Pepsi NFL Laces Can by PepsiCo Inc.’s Global Beverage Packaging R&D and Design and Innovation teams is a limited-edition Pepsi Can with innovative packaging that strengthens brand equity. The packaging enhances the consumer sensory experience and drives engagement by breaking out of the straight-walled aluminum cans common in soft drinks.

Saves Food (Foodservice)
HomeFresh Entree by Placon offers modular stacking and interstacking, leak resistance when lidded, and secure stack engagement to limit package movement when stacked during transportation from foodservice establishment to the home or place of consumption.

Serve Good® Packaging Program by US Foods, Inc. ensures a holistic approach in providing customers with sustainable packaging solutions that align with Serve Good® packaging standards. The three E’s (engineer better designs, employ better materials, empower a better end-of-life solution) push the industry toward advancing trends in minimalist packaging, recycling, recyclability and clean packaging. Better design to optimize sizing and material usage ensure that the minimum amount of packaging is used to produce the product.

Klearfold Keeper CR by HLP Klearfold is the first of its kind, clear, certified child-resistant package for medical and recreational cannabis. Cannabis product producers can now enjoy the marketing and merchandising benefits of clear plastic packaging, while satisfying the CPSC criteria for child-resistant closures. Through the CPSC CR certification process, it became apparent that test-subject kids (42–51 months old) were more motivated to breech the Klearfold Keeper CR package because they could see its contents. In order to stand up to this extra attention, the Keeper CR had to provide a higher level of security than paperboard CR packages.

Allergy Relief Nasal Spray by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is in keeping with the sustainability initiative that GSK is passionate about and committed to in their packaging strategy. GSK is implementing several improvements that are approved by the respective health authorities while yielding an overall improvement in sustainability and considerably reducing the use of plastic packaging and their carbon footprint of up to 50 percent in some scenarios.

Reusable Structural Transit Inserts by EPE USA are an innovative application of high-density molded polypropylene engineered parts that are precisely designed to improve product protection in e-commerce transit modes while maintaining SIOC freight benefits and doing so within a 100 percent sustainable system.

Miracle-Gro® Performance Organics™ by ProAmpac was thoughtfully engineered to use the least amount of material required with the optimum percentage of bio-resin to be the most sustainable while retaining product performance, functionality and packaging durability.

All four of the 2019 Student AmeriStar Award winning entries are from the California Polytechnic State University.

First Place: ReNood allows consumers to customize and create a meal specific to their taste by mixing and matching individual pods of ingredients. The product also reduces food waste and encourages repeated buys. ReNood’s containers are made of cassava starch, which is compostable and recyclable.

Second Place: Butter Drops capitalizes on the fact that ordinary butter sticks can be a hassle to use and store. Its wax wrapping paper is difficult to use and non-recyclable. Butter Drops is a novel packaging system for butter. It is eye-catching on the shelves, conveniently portioned to minimize food waste, and fully compostable and recyclable.

Third Place: Halo takes deodorant packaging to a new level, reducing the amount of material and creating a simple new design that is easy to use for the consumer.

Honorable Mention: California Kissed is a novel metal can system that maximizes space efficiency during distribution and storage. Easily open it using a pull tab, which includes a tamper-evident feature. Its lid also allows draining the contents and re-closing the container, thus reducing food waste. Want to learn more about these innovative packages? Full information about each of the 2019 AmeriStar Award Winners is available online. Product photos are available by request – contact Barbara Dykes at to request photos.

Be sure to visit IoPP in booth C-1159 at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2019 (Sept. 23–25; Las Vegas) where a joint reception and ceremony honoring the AmeriStar Award winners will take place. PACK EXPO Las Vegas attendees who visit the IoPP booth and/or the Showcase of Packaging Innovations will have the opportunity to vote on-site for a special “People’s Choice” AmeriStar Award winner to be announced at the reception ceremony.

Third Coast Expands Executive Team and Appoints Jim Thompson as Chief Operating Officer

COO appointment will help power Third Coast’s continued growth

Third Coast, a leading chemical contract manufacturer, announces the appointment of Jim Thompson to the role of Chief Operating Officer. “[Jim] Thompson understands domestic and global chemical sales, plant operations, and customer satisfaction in a way that few executives can hope to, and he has a proven record of maximizing the growth potential of Third Coast facilities,” stated Jim Clawson, founder and CEO of Third Coast.

“As Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Thompson will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of each of the Third Coast companies, and we are thrilled to add his valuable leadership to our executive team in this period of rapid growth,” added Jett Rominger, Chief Financial Officer. Thompson originally joined Third Coast in 2009, and most recently served as Commercial Vice President of Chemical Specialties PTE, LTD. In that role, Thompson was onsite in Singapore the year operations began in 2009 and remained onsite overseeing commercial activities until taking a sabbatical in 2018.

Thompson brings extensive management and industry experience to the role previously having served 12 years with LyondellBasell, Inc. in commercial management and mergers and acquisitions roles. “With the 2014 expansion into reaction chemistry, Third Coast continues to build upon its foundation of delivering world class services, and the past few years have seen incredible growth,” said Thompson. “It is a tremendous pleasure to be selected for this role, and I am excited to contribute to the continued growth and future of each of the companies that make up the Third Coast portfolio.”

ISDI Presents Lifetime Membership Award to Jim Beardsley

SEVERNA PARK, Md. (May 2, 2019) – The Industrial Steel Drum Institute (ISDI) recently honored long-time member Jim Beardsley, senior executive vice president of North Coast Container, with the organization’s Lifetime Membership Award.

The ISDI Lifetime Membership Award is given to long-time members of the steel drum industry in recognition of their service and dedication to the organization and the industry. It was presented to Beardsley in late April during the plenary session of the Industrial Packaging Alliance of North America’s Spring Conference in Napa, California.

“Over the last three decades Jim has contributed to growth and innovation in the steel drum industry, solidifying it as a valuable and unique part of the packaging sector,” said Kyle Stavig, chairman of ISDI and CEO of Myers Container LLC, General Steel Drum LLC, Container Management Services LLC, and North Coast Container LLC. “It is an honor to recognize his accomplishments with this well-deserved award.”

At North Coast Container, co-founded in 1983 by his late father Earnest, Beardsley worked his way up the company’s ladder for 20 years, becoming chairman and CEO in 2011. Under his leadership, the company invested in new machinery and equipment, computer and communication systems, and manufacturing and administrative systems to improve operational efficiency and customer support. Beardsley has also made it a priority to recruit, hire and train a leading workforce in the industry.

In 2018, he oversaw the acquisition of North Coast Container by a fellow steel drum business, General Steel Drum, owned by the Stavig family. The move has already provided the company’s customers, suppliers and employees with growth opportunities.

“Having the ability to work and lead my family’s steel drum business has been the opportunity of a lifetime,” said Beardsley. “It is a great honor to be recognized for my work at North Coast and the industry at large by a group of peers whom I deeply respect.”

North Coast participates in multiple trade organizations, such as the Industrial Packaging Alliance of North America, the Chemical Packaging Committee, the National Association of Manufacturers, the Petroleum Packaging Council, the Ohio Manufacturer’s Association, the National Private Trucking Council, and ISDI.

LIQUI-BOX and DS Smith's Plastics Division Join Together to Create Innovative Leader in Sustainable Packaging

Liqui-Box, a portfolio company of Olympus Partners, has agreed to acquire DS Smith plc's Plastics Division to create a comprehensive and innovative leader in flexible and rigid packaging.

Liqui-Box and DS Smith Plastics, which includes the Rapak and Worldwide Dispenser businesses, will have a global footprint, design capabilities and service platform that will offer customers the most compelling packaging solutions and drive advancements in technology and sustainability.

"The combination with DS Smith Plastics advances our strategic initiative to create the leading innovator of sustainable flexible and rigid packaging solutions," said Ken Swanson, Liqui-Box's CEO. "This business has a significant synergistic fit with Liqui-Box and a product portfolio and manufacturing footprint that are highly complementary. This combination will be transformational for both companies and an exciting growth story for our employees and customers."

Strategic Rationale

After completion of the transaction, the combination of Liqui-Box and DS Smith Plastics will have a stronger and more differentiated value proposition for employees and customers through:

  • Comprehensive global footprint with the ability to service customers from 35 manufacturing plants across 5 continents
  • Best in class converting and molding equipment platform to deliver top quality products at scale
  • Expanded R&D resources and innovation capabilities with multiple labs and testing facilities
  • Materials and process advancements to support more environmentally sustainable products
  • Strong management team and skilled workforce with a shared vision and purpose

"Olympus Partners has been the majority investor in Liqui-Box since 2015. This additional investment to add the capabilities of DS Smith Plastics further supports our growth plan for the company," said Manu Bettegowda, Olympus Partners.

"We have always had a great deal of respect for the DS Smith team and are excited by the prospect of working together to create a strong management team and skilled workforce with a shared vision and purpose," Swanson concluded.

Barclays served as financial advisor to Liqui-Box, and Kirkland & Ellis LLP served as legal counsel.

Where appropriate, works councils will be consulted and the transaction is subject to customary closing conditions, including regulatory approvals.

About Liqui-Box:
Liqui-Box is the leading innovator of sustainable packaging solutions for quick, fresh and cost-efficient delivery of liquid and semi-liquid products. The company manufactures Bag-in-Box flexible packaging, fitments and pouches to serve a wide variety of global industries, including dairy, beverage, food and non-food customers. Liqui-Box also designs, manufactures and services the fastest filling equipment in the industry along with best-in-class bag-making equipment.

About DS Smith Plastics Division:
The Plastics Division consists of sustainable flexible packaging and dispensing solutions, plastics extrusion, injection molded and foam products. Headquartered in Chicago, the Plastics Division employs more than 2,000 people across 26 facilities in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

About Olympus Partners:
Founded in 1988, Olympus Partners is a private equity firm focused on providing equity capital for middle market management buyouts and for companies needing capital for expansion. Olympus is an active, long-term investor across a broad range of industries including business services, food services, consumer products, healthcare services, financial services, industrial services, and manufacturing. Olympus manages in excess of $8.5 billion mainly on behalf of corporate pension funds, endowment funds and state-sponsored retirement programs.

Paul Kase

Industrial Steel Drum Institute Presents David Sovol with Award of Appreciation

The Industrial Steel Drum Institute (ISDI) recently honored long-time member David Sovol with an award recognizing his extraordinary dedication and leadership to the steel industry.

“Dave is a trailblazer in the world of steel, and I am honored to recognize his exceedingly superb accomplishments,” said Kyle Stavig, chairman of ISDI and CEO of Myers Container LLC, General Steel Drum LLC, Container Management Services LLC, and North Coast Container LLC. “For decades, Dave has been a leading force for progress and innovation. This award allows us to show our appreciation for the countless hours of dedication and excellence he’s put towards driving our industry forward.”

Sovol, chairman of the ANSI MH2 Accredited Standards Committee, has worked in the steel industry for nearly 48 years. Upon completing a Bachelor of Science from John Carroll University in engineering with a minor in physics, Sovol took the position of technical director at Republic Steel in 1971. He traveled the world during his time there to study new steel manufacturing technologies and learn new training techniques.

Sovol transitioned to be an active member of the Steel Shipping Container Institute for 15 years, where he also served as chairman of the organization’s Technical Committee for a decade. He joined North Coast Container (NCC) in 1991 as Technical Director. He held the title of chairman of the ANSI Standards Writing Committee in 2004 and wrote the existing ANSI regulations on steel drums and pails.

ISDI and TRANSCAER® Announce Webinars for First Responders

(Washington, DC) – The Industrial Steel Drum Institute (ISDI) and TRANSCAER® will host free webinars aimed at educating first responders in communities near transportation routes about the basics of steel drums and fusible plugs. The webinars will livestream on October 4, 2018, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. EDT, as well as on December 13, 2018 at the same time. “Since steel drums are one of the most widely used types of industrial packaging for hazardous materials, it is essential that first responders understand their basic components and how to manage them during an event,” said Kyle R. Stavig, chairman of ISDI and CEO of Myers Container LLC, General Steel Drum LLC and CEO of North Coast Container LLC. “We’re excited to once again support TRANSCAER’s efforts to inform these brave men and women on a subject that could one day save lives.”

The webinar presentation will be led by Chris Lind, former director of technology and regulatory affairs at Mauser USA LLC. During the webinar, Lind will teach participants about the performance standards of steel drums, their capabilities when being stored or shipped, and how to identify their contents.

“Understanding the basics of an industrial container – such as steel drums – when dealing with potentially hazardous or flammable materials, allows first responders to safely, quickly and effectively manage a situation,” said Keith Silverman, chairman of the National TRANSCAER Task Group and vice president global operations, quality and EHS at Ashland. “This webinar is another tool this community can use to stay prepared.”

Though targeted to first responders, participation in the webinar is open to everyone. For more information, or to register for the December event, click here.

ISDI and TRANSCAER® Debut New Seconds Count Video on Steel Drums

(Washington, DC) – The Industrial Steel Drum Institute (ISDI) and TRANSCAER® announced, as part of TRANSCAER’s Seconds Count video series, a new 90-second animation aimed at educating first responders in communities near transportation routes on the basics of steel drums and fusible plugs.

The Basics of Steel Drums and Fusible Plugs from American Chemistry Council on Vimeo.

“Businesses that use a fusible plug when shipping and warehousing flammable and combustible materials dramatically increase the safety and security of a steel drum – one of the industrial packaging industry’s safest containers,” said Kyle R. Stavig, chairman of ISDI and CEO of Myers Container LLC, General Steel Drum LLC and CEO of North Coast Container LLC. “We hope this information will help our nation’s first responders better understand the nature of these drums and how to handle them during an event.”

Fusible plugs are drum closures, similar to standard steel plugs, but made of impact‐resistant nylon, polyethylene or propylene resin. When equipped with fusible plugs and paired with the proper suppression designed in accordance with NFPA Code 30, Chapter 16, steel drums can be the safest containers available in today’s market for flammable and combustible materials.

“This new training is what TRANSCAER is all about – using the knowledge and expertise of our sponsors to better train and prepare our emergency responders,” said Keith Silverman, chairman of the National TRANSCAER Task Group and vice president global operations, quality and EHS at Ashland.

The Basics of Steel Drums and Fusible Plugs is the 29th Seconds Count video. The series, distributed by TRANSCAER and hosted on its website, includes interviews with transportation and manufacturing industry leaders, as well as short animations educating first responders on how to deal with products or situations they may come across when responding to a situation.

ICDM Launches New Website Design

Today, the International Confederation of Drum Manufacturers (ICDM) launched its newly designed website at ICDM is an international association of nonprofit organizations representing the world’s premier manufacturers of steel drums.

“Collaboration across the steel drum industry is crucial to its sustainability and success,” said Kyle Stavig, chairman of ISDI and CEO of Myers Container LLC and General Steel Drum LLC. “This online forum brings the information manufacturers, suppliers and customers around the world need most to one accessible, user-friendly location.”

steel drums

In addition to maintaining the website, ICDM members gather annually to share and discuss drum production and safety statistics, as well as information on technical papers and new regulations.

Visit to see the new ICDM website.