President's Message

headshot of president of PPC Sam Merenda

PPC members,

Just wanted to let the “cat out of the bag” and announce that our keynote speaker for the PPC Fall Meeting, held in beautiful Salt Lake City, UT is JOE THEISMANN. A little about Joe: He played for the Redskins for 12 seasons; brought his team to the Super Bowl in two consecutive seasons; Won Super Bowl XVII; Named NFL MVP in 1983; Inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame and Notre Dame Athletic Hall of Fame. Joe was also a two-time pro bowler.

What a great opportunity to see Joe in person and to hear his story and how he has attacked each day to reach new heights. I like one of his quotes. He said, “No matter how great you are, the next great one is already sitting there waiting to take your place.” Pretty powerful, as we all must continue to add value to our own teams daily. So, get prepared for a great experience in Salt Lake City, and for all you Washington Redskin fans, Joe will be the icing on the cake! See you all in August!

From Your PPC President
Darren Booth